What's in it for Artist Managers?

Music Industry Insights: In this episode, we chat with Tom Willers, General Manager at Lateral Management. We spoke about his journey to become a successful artist manager, working with global stars, how artist managers support artists careers and more!

About Tom & Lateral Management

Tom is the General Manager at Lateral Management. His career started at music college as a musician. After one of his closest friends pursued his career as an artist and achieved two No1 in the UK, he was asked to make the move to the business side of music, building his career in management. 

Lateral is an artist management and music publishing company operating out of London, Stockholm and Los Angeles. They represent artists, songwriters and producers and their mission is to take care of the economic interests of our clients, but everything we do originates in our passion for music. 

What’s in it for Artist Managers?

We spoke with Tom about the challenges of developing an artist during 2020 and the importance of artist managers looking after their clients during hard times.

He also explained his experience and how key it is for artists and their artist managers to have a very close relationship.

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