Up On Mars launches new record label

We realised the digital landscape of the music industry is going to be the key element to keep developing artists and exploiting records. This is why we decided it is the right time to invest in talented creators and music that deserves to be heard

Why creating a new label?

Yes, we know… There are one million other labels out there. We have some content coming up around this same topic. But to answer this question, music is a product that relies on strategic planning, smart advertising and valuable investment.

When Li3a joined the roster, we realised that keeping the record promotion and investment in-house was the best solution for the challenging situation set out by the pandemic.

How regularly will music be released?

At the moment, we have only signed one artist under the label and we are going to focus on developing the influence of this catalogue. The release schedule for 2020 includes 3 singles.

As soon as it’s financially doable, we will look into scouting new talent and investing in promoting and exploiting more records.

“It is an exciting time to support artists. Lockdown has allowed music creators to produce incredible new material and I want to be there for them” – Alex Lopez (Artist & Label Manager)

What’s the ideal artist to work with?

We like working with artists, whether managing or under the label, that are creative, fun and most importantly, good humans. As a small firm with a small team, we work very closely with the artists so having a healthy personal relationship helps a stable working partnership.

Li3a was an incredible find and are so excited about the songs that are to be released. So far we’ve released her first single which has received very positive feedback and support from Spotify so are now looking forward to what the future will bring.