15k People join the Orange Wall Paradise

In times when concerts and performances are a thought of the past, DJ QuestionMark brings together a large crowd in a land forgotten by the music industry with his Orange Wall Paradise.

Orange Wall Paradise

Joining forces with some of the top DJs in Asia, DJ QuestionMark commissioned the Orange Wall Paradise.

The event took place in Taipei in October and included a variety of shows from dance to live music by our own QuestionMark and top DJs such as DinPei (current RedBull 3Style champion).

The crowd was extremely engaged and enjoyed an evening full of original music combined with some of the national and international hits.

“It’s incredible to be back on stage and receive the support from this community” – DJ QuestionMark

Hold on, how about Covid?

Well, Taiwan was one of the first countries to go into lockdown. Their early action ensured minimal disruption and spread. This allowed for Taiwanese businesses in the entertainment industry to quickly open and start organising events with social distancing measures.

Today, it’s quite difficult to get into the country and tourism has declined, but the events industry is very much alive and the Orange Wall Paradise was one of its highlights of 2020.

Orange Wall Paradise

The first live edition of the Orange Wall Paradise was a success and followers can still catch DJ QuestionMark on Twitch every week for his regular Orange Wall live stream.

A new version of the Orange Wall Paradise will take place at the Opera House in Taipei with a joint show with BMX RedBull champions and music from incredible Asian talent.