Normalising Digitalisation in the Music Industry

Music Industry Insights: In this episode, we chat with Marlen Huellbrock, from Music Ally. We spoke about music trends, fan retention and new opportunities for artists and their teams.

About Marlen & Music Ally

Marlen is a Digital Marketing expert who started her career at Universal Music Group in Germany. She then moved to the branch in Switzerland before making a final move to London, where she joined Music Ally. 

Music Ally is a leading digital company in the music industry. They organise educational conferences and courses, events and offer their marketing experience together with cutting edge insight into what makes a modern music campaign work. 

Normalising digitalisation

We spoke to Marlen about the challenges and new opportunities in the industry. She offered insightful knowledge about new tools and strategies that both artists and their teams should consider in a time where digital has a predominant role for any campaign.

At the end of the chat, Marlen offers her three top tips for marketing professionals working in music.

“It’s really important, even if it’s slower, to focus more on sustained fan building. […] Make sure you strengthen their relationship with the artist and not forget about them just because they’ve already followed or listened” 

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