Li3a's Age: The new era for online artists

We’d like to reflect on some of the learnings we’ve acquired in the past few months from audiences and the artists we work with. 

Li3a's Age: The time for online artists

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. We like reflecting on the learnings we get from audiences and this time, it’s all about Li3a’s age. 

Why do we call it Li3a’s age? 

The past year has been turbulent for many artists and with no live shows, Li3a, like many other musicians, took her started live streaming to generate some income and promote her music. 

“Performing online has definitely helped me shape my career in the past year. Now, I’m excited to be releasing those songs my viewers have been asking for many months” – Li3a

New music

This live streaming journey has meant that Li3a can now shape her releases based on what her audience prefers. For a small artist, this has been a great way to set the foundation for a strong release strategy.

Li3a's Age Piano