Diversity in the gaming industry

Music & Games: In this episode, we spoke with Lucy Rissik, from Brotherhood Of Brand & Marketing Director at Women in Games. We talked about her work with games and brands, the importance of diversity and female leadership in the gaming industry as well as new opportunities for collaboration between industries.

About Lucy, BOB & Women in Games

Lucy is the founder at Brotherhood Of Brand and Marketing Director at Women in Games. She started her career as a lawyer and made the change to games, eventually working for EA.

Her work at BOB takes her to work with some of the top brands and games to collaborate. Also, she’s a key member of Women in Games. They offer a supportive community for women in the gaming industry, from gamers to business owners, and champion innovative and hardworking individuals. 

How diverse is the gaming industry?

It is well known that the gaming industry is years ahead other creative industries thanks to their innovative and engaging approach. However, like in many other sectors, inequality, both social and gender, are very present.

Lucy gave us her view on the positive changes that games are bringing. Although there is still a long way to go, the games are proving to be inclusive and that’s why their community is so loyal and engaged. 

At the end of the chat, Lucy offers her three top tips for brands looking to access new audiences through partnering with games.

“Not having a games strategy in 2020 is like not having a social media strategy back in 2010.”  – Lucy Rissik

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