Creativity in games: An endless journey

Music & Games: In this episode, we spoke with Andrew Smith, Founder & Creative Director at Spilt Milk Studios. We explored his journey from freelancer to business owner, the importance of prioritising creativity over money and much more!

About Andrew & Spilt Milk

Andrew is a game developer by trade. Started working at larger studios and made his way through most of the established companies based in the UK. He them made the move towards becoming a studio owner and set up Spilt Milk in 2010.

Spilt Milk is an independent game developer based in London, UK. Founded in 2010, and endeavour to support and celebrate this wonderful the games industry in any way possible.

Creativity in games

We spoke with Andrew about his journey of becoming a studio owner. During the chat, Andrew explained how Spilt Milk is growing and the value of supporting young talent in that process. 

“My passion for music started at the age of 9 where I’d meet with my brother’s friends for listening sessions and exchanging albums. I’ve carried my interest for music ever since” 

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